?Check out the latest webinar which gives you detailed information on how 2by2ForYou works.  Doc Lett, the owner of 2by2ForYou will show you how you can actually start your business with no out-of-pocket cost.



Product Packages



Purchase any of our 4 Product Packages at a ONE-TIME cost and you will enjoy saving money.  Just by sharing 2by2ForYou and  how to save money on all your purchases, especially in our exclusive travel package, you can earn referral commissions!



Direct Sale Opportunities


As a member of 2by2ForYou you will have the opportunity to take advantage of all our Direct Sales Products.  Not only are these products excellent to earn a substantial income, but they all will help you build your business.



4 Separate Compensation Structures



2by2foryou opened in July 2014 with 2 Product Packages, giving ordinary people around the world the ability to earn weekly checks from the comfort of their home.  Many members have earned multiple $1,000 and $6,000 checks over and over.


Now, we have added 2 additional Product Packages so you can start your own home business for a very small one-time out of pocket product purchase and, if you choose, leverage your way to the other matrices.



Pays Weekly - Awesome Products!


Each Compensation Structure works the same.  Purchase your product  and as you and your team share the products you can earn weekly commissions, PLUS with our re-enter feature you will not only follow your sponsor to a new matrix, but you will receive additional products.




Join us on our Conference Calls at:

Telephone Number:  641-715-3660

Access Code:  999220#


        Every Tuesday  & Thursday                                    Every Saturday

5:00 pm PST/7:00 pm CST/8:00 pm EST                  8:00 am PST/10:00 am CST/11:00 am EST







Just make a ONE-TIME product purchase and get paid WEEKLY!  It only takes 6 people to cycle a 2x2 and you automatically follow your sponsor to do it all over again and again! 

This is an informational site only.  So be sure and get back in touch with the person who brought you to this site!


Take a look around, check out our products and our awesome 2by2ForYou compensation plan.


If you have any questions, we have full time customer service, so don't hesitate to contact us.  You will actually get to talk to a real live person!

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